Phase I – Eco-Design Challenge

Prototype House Development / Semi-arid, Temperate Ecosystem

Mission: Design and build the most affordable and ecologically designed home on the planet that is customized for the local ecosystem and can be easily replicated.

Vision:  The winning home design with be included in the open-source community development plan for Local Earth Villages.  The Local Earth Villages will serve as innovative societal models for urban planning and sustainable community development.  Our intention is to create the most healthy, happy, beautiful and regenerative world possible.


Photo: Open-source conceptual design from One Community Global

The 1st phase of our Local Earth Village Development Model is an interdisciplinary, open-source design challenge to build an affordable and ecologically designed home for a semi-arid, temperate environment.  Participants in this design challenge will include university students and working professionals from around the world.  We will host a series of Eco-Design Challenges sequentially featuring one climatic region per challenge with varied design parameters.  These designs will eventually be included in Phase II Living Cluster Models.

Interdisciplinary Teams of Students & Working Professionals

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Agriculture
  • Business & Economics
  • Public Health

We are currently developing our Design Council that will assist in the development and implementation of Eco-Design Challenge 1.0.  Our council will be composed of industry specialists from a variety of design sectors.

Design Council Sectors

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • University & College Education
  • Renewable Energy
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Permaculture
  • Social Entrepreneurship / Business Development

Open Source – all designs and plans will be shared freely with the world in the spirit of collaboration and co-creation of the most healthy and beautiful world possible!

Collaboration – We are working in collaboration with a company called Wanderfoot to synergize systems and methods for Sustainable Community Development via the educational programming for Eco-Design Tours.


Photo: Open-source conceptual design from One Community Global


Living Cluster Model – Phase II


Local Earth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting research and education focused on sustainable community development.  The mission of the organization is to development a network of Eco-Villages around the world that act as inspirational societal models that exemplify the most forward thinking ecologically designed living systems on the planet. The Living Cluster Model is the 2nd phase of the Village Design Model.  The Living Cluster Model is designed to meet the daily living needs of 12 people.  This model will then be replicated 12 times to create the village design model for approximately 144 people.

The 1st phase of our Local Earth Village Development Model is an interdisciplinary, open-source Eco-Design Challenge to build the world’s most affordable and ecologically designed home for a semi-arid, temperate environment.


  • meet daily living needs of 10-15 residents in most ecologically sustainable, socially just and overall enjoyable manner possible
  • design a replicable model so it can be integrated into the village design model
  • create beautiful, simple, safe and inspiring living structures for each individual or couple
  • create a beautiful, safe and inspiring community structure to provide space for communal needs (cooking, dining, bathing, relaxing, entertainment, yoga, meditation, performance and education)

Key Elements of Model (meet all of the following needs in the most healthy, ecologically sustainable and regenerative manners possible)

    • Permaculture – Utilize the design principles of permaculture to meet the needs and achieve the goals of the project
    • Architecture – Test various building methods and materials to find the most efficient solutions possible with regards to the usage of energy and natural resources necessary to create and maintain a healthy, safe and inspiring living environment
      • passive solar heating and cooling / environmental orientation
      • rainwater catchment systems
      • grey/black water systems
      • powered by renewable sources of energy
      • sustainably sourced building materials
    • AgricultureDevelop and implement the most healthy and efficient models and practices of village scale organic farming and gardening
      • grow 50-75% of the communities produce needs
    • Waste Management – Develop and implement the most ecologically efficient practices of managing human, landscape and consumer waste
      • composting food and landscape waste into valuable organic matter for the gardens
      • composting toilets to convert and utilize human waste into beneficial organic matter that supports the living systems of the model
      • making conscious decisions on what types of consumer products we purchase with regards to packaging and materials used to create products
      • our ideal is to create a closed loop system that has no waste

Community Systems / Invisible Structures

  • Decision Making / Governing – Develop and implement the most just, balanced and representative group decision making process possible.  Consistent group meetings, systems for communication and a voting process to make decisions. (***recommendation ⅔ support vote necessary to implement action)
  • Shared Common Values & Goals – Develop a process for the group to establish a shared set of community values and goals.  The intention is to create a situation and environment that fosters harmony and cohesiveness.
  • Conflict Resolution – Develop a process for the group to address conflict in a productive and non-violent manner.  The shared common values provide a stable foundation to return to if conflict or mis-communication arises.
  • Sharing Resources – Sharing items that are needed by everyone in the community whenever possible in order to reduce demand of natural resources (ie. tools, cooking equipment, vehicles etc.)
  • Sharing Daily Duties – Create a system for sharing our day to day responsibilities with the group in order to make the processes more efficient and enjoyable (ie. cooking, cleaning, gardening, composting etc.)
  • Travel & Exchange – Create a system that accommodates for travel and inviting new members into the living cluster if someone chooses to leave.  Once there are living clusters developed in other locations around the world, develop a system that allows people to exchange locations.
  • EconomyIn relation to external economic system: pooling economic resources to purchase goods needed by the community in the least expensive manner possible (ie. bulk grocery items etc). In relation to internal economic system: providing as many services and needs within the living cluster by members of the living cluster (ie. food/gardening/cooking, building, property maintenance, bodywork etc).

Research & Data
Develop and implement a system of measurements, surveys and indicators to test the efficiency of the systems we are designing.  Compare the results of our tests with the average resource usage of standard urban and suburban community developments in todays society.  The goal is to provide an inspirational societal model to meet our daily living needs in the most ecologically sustainable, healthy and enjoyable manner possible.

Public Interaction & Education

  • Educational Workshops – Provide classes and workshops on healthy and sustainable lifestyle to surrounding community
  • Annual Festival – Produce an annual festival with hands-on workshops, music and art
  • University Collaboration – Create collaborative design challenges with Universities and students to continually evolve and design the most innovative and forward thinking systems (specifically Architecture and Environmental Design Colleges)
  • U.S. Green Building Council / LEED – Collaborate with the USGBC to provide demonstration sites and continuing education credits through workshops
  • Wanderfoot Eco-Design Tours – Provide a demonstration site for Wanderfoot design tours and continuing education workshops
  • Permaculture & Sustainability Hub – Provide a space for local groups focused on sustainability and permaculture to meet and participate in projects
  • Pachamama Alliance – Promote, support and provide Awakening the Dreamer and Generation Waking Up Symposiums to the surrounding community
  • Transition Town Movement – Promote, support and provide space for Transition Town activities and events
  • Bioneers – Provide a satellite hub for disseminating the knowledge, education and ideas brought forth via the Bioneers Resilient Communities Network
  • TEDx – Provide a local TEDx focal point for ideas and projects around sustainable community development

February Social – Environment


When:  Saturday February 22nd from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM                                          Where:  Sunset Cliffs State Park

Local Earthlings, it has been too long. We are so excited to join together in community once again!  Our February Beach Cleanup social is an event that you don’t want tomiss! It will be a day to connect with the earth, each other, and the power of the breath.
We are starting our spring cleaning a little early this year with the Sunset Cliffs Beach Cleanup and Yoga Jam taking place Saturday February 22nd from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM at Sunset Cliffs State Park in Ocean Beach.  The plan is to meet in the Sunset Cliffs
parking lot around 10 AM, spend a few hours cleaning up the trails in Sunset Cliffs park breaking around noon to share some delicious organic food that will energize our bodies for what’s coming next.  At 1:00 PM there will be a community taught yoga class
with live guitar, followed at 2:30 PM by an amazing immersive yoga Samba dance experience led by Elka Haeckel. So bring your hands, a willingness to get a little dirty, some yummy food, and the light of your smile.  We can’t wait to share your presence coming together to beautify our community, flow through asana, connect with our breath, drink in the sunshine, and dance to the vibrant beats of some live percussion….together.

August Social – FOOD!


Saturday August 10, 3pm
1624 Brookes Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Join us as we partner with Good Neighbor Gardens for a fun and educational event. Good Neighbor Gardens will be showing us one of their local gardens and hopefully inspiring everybody to build one of their own!

Everyone come dig in the dirt as Walt, our grateful gardener, guides us through an interactive soil composition workshop. Learn how to organically enrich your native land, using natural amendments. He’ll give a big shout out to the real farmers, those wiggly worms who never stop working even when we’re fast asleep. We will scavenger hunt for beneficial bugs and talk about what they offer. We’ll also learn what excites the three sisters – corn, beans and squash. It’ll be a fun time diggin in the dirt at one of our urban sharecrop garden plots. It’s a potluck, so bring a dish to share.

What to bring: Food to share for the potluck, Garden Gloves, magnifying glass only if you have them, otherwise just bring your enthusiasm and curiosity

July Social ~ WATER

Saturday, July 6th / 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Venice Farm
4286 Del Mar Ave.
San Diego, CA 92107

Come get your hands wet and your bellies filled. The theme for July will be WATER: a precious resource we cant live without!

We will have a FREE rain water harvesting hands on workshop, community potluck, campfire, and lots of great mingling. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share and tell at least 3 friends 🙂

More info: At this workshop we will be setting up an 1100 gallon rain water harvesting system at an urban farm in OB, the system will be used for watering fruit trees and other edible plants.We will also hear from local water conservation experts on what you can do to make your home more water efficient.

Schedule of events:
6pm Meet & Greet
6:30 Workshop
7:30 Potluck
8:30 Bonfire & Music

Summer Solstice Potluck & Bonfire

The Local Earth Collective invites you to join us for a Summer Solstice commUNITY celebration!

Together we will be celebrating the longest day of the year, sharing tasty food, singing songs around the campfire & planting our seeds of intention as we move into our next season… summer!

We want to support our Local Earth valueshealthy, local, organic, vegetarian ingredients please! The intention of our events is to ‘leave a positive trace’… please bring your own reusable cutlery, plate, bowl, drinking vessel etc. so we create no waste.

Bring lotsa instruments, smiles and laughter!!! We will be creating some beautiful commUNITY musica by the firelight!

We will gather at the fire pits and picknick tables at the end of Saratoga Street at 6:30 PM … this is near the Life Guard Station at the end of Santa Monica Ave in Ocean Beach (near to the pier). Look for the group with lotsa instruments and tasty food!

( Address for parking lot is 1959 Abbott Street, San Diego, CA 92107.

With warmth & gratitude,
The Local Earth Collective

*** NOTE: No alcohol or drugs please. There is no alcohol allowed on the beach, last year someone brought beer and the police very abruptly ended our gathering with an unfriendly demeanor… we don’t want that to happen this year! Thank you!

March for Healthy Food ~ May 25th 11:00AM

Greetings friends of local healthy food in San Diego!

You have a vision for creating a healthy and sustainable San Diego!  As an integral part of San Diego’s local food community YOU are invited to participate in and support a local food event called the ‘March for Healthy Food’ on May 25th at 11:00 AM.  This event has arisen from members our San Diego community who have a passion for local healthy food and are concerned about the current situations in the world regarding genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and the harmful effects they are having on people and the planet.

The ‘March for Healthy Food’ is a local component of the global ‘March Against Monsanto’ happening in countries all around the world at the same time on this day.  We are focusing on solutions, education, inspiration and positive actions we want to take together as a community to create the most healthy and sustainable local food system possible.

This event is about bringing together all of the individuals and organizations in San Diego that are passionate about local healthy food, sharing information, teaching one another and inspiring our community to take positive action to support our local food movement.

The March for Healthy Food supports the following values and actions….

  • having access to accurate information and the CHOICE to know what is in our food (label GMO’s)

  • supporting local organic farms, farmers markets, food cooperatives and urban agriculture

  • learning and teaching one another how to grow our own food

  • supporting and creating more home gardens, community gardens and yardshare programs

  • supporting and expanding the ‘Nourish Curriculum’ in our local schools

  • working together with city council and urban planners to create a forward thinking plan that meets the nutritional and agricultural needs of our city (inspiring example: Portland)

  • accountability for government and corporate institutions with regard to food justice and public safety

The march is beginning at 11:00 AM in Balboa Park… will continue to the Little Italy Farmers Market… and then Amici Park at 1:00 PM (2 blocks from the market / W Date & State St).  Here at the park we will be having a commUNITY potluck with ingredients from the market and an education/inspiration exchange.  We invite you, your organization and your network of healthy food supporters to join us!  We will have a microphone and speakers so local organizations and individuals can share what they are doing in our community and how people can get involved with their projects.  Please bring literature, flyers and education to share… please feel free to set up a pop-up table for your organization/business and promote what you are doing.  We will be inviting the press so there will be media coverage that can provide great exposure for your organization.

This event is a celebration being creating by the commUNITY of San Diego, there is no one organization or group organizing this… this is a community effort to support one another and inspire one another with new ideas and creative solutions that will lead to amazing, local healthy food for everyone in San Diego!  Let’s inspire other communities all around the world as we lead this ‘March for Healthy Food’!

If you would like to participate in the planning and communication for this event please send emails to the google group (  For more information and updates please see the links below…

Please pass this information on to anyone in San Diego who shares a passion for healthy food!

Let’s get back to our ROOTS!  Let’s GROW TOGETHER as commUNITY!

With joy & gratitude,

Healthy Food supporters & citizens of San Diego