Eco-Design Challenge 1.0

Prototype House Development / Semi-arid, Temperate Ecosystem

Mission: Design and build the most affordable and ecologically designed home on the planet that is customized for the local ecosystem and can be easily replicated.

Vision:  The winning home design with be included in the open-source community development plan for Local Earth Villages.  The Local Earth Villages will serve as innovative societal models for urban planning and sustainable community development.  Our intention is to create the most healthy, happy, beautiful and regenerative world possible.


Photo: Open-source conceptual design from One Community Global

The 1st phase of our Local Earth Village Development Model is an interdisciplinary, open-source design challenge to build an affordable and ecologically designed home for a semi-arid, temperate environment.  Participants in this design challenge will include university students and working professionals from around the world.  We will host a series of Eco-Design Challenges sequentially featuring one climatic region per challenge with varied design parameters.  These designs will eventually be included in Phase II Living Cluster Models.

Interdisciplinary Teams of Students & Working Professionals

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Agriculture
  • Business & Economics
  • Public Health

We are currently developing our Design Council that will assist in the development and implementation of Eco-Design Challenge 1.0.  Our council will be composed of industry specialists from a variety of design sectors.

Design Council Sectors

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • University & College Education
  • Renewable Energy
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Permaculture
  • Social Entrepreneurship / Business Development

Open Source – all designs and plans will be shared freely with the world in the spirit of collaboration and co-creation of the most healthy and beautiful world possible!

Collaboration – We are working in collaboration with a company called Wanderfoot to synergize systems and methods for Sustainable Community Development via the educational programming for Eco-Design Tours.


Photo: Open-source conceptual design from One Community Global


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