Local Earth Vision

Vision –  A social movement of global citizens cultivating healthy, happy and sustainable local communities!  The Local Earth Collective inspires healthy lifestyles in relationship to self, community & Planet.

Local Earth Collective Vision from Local Earth on Vimeo.

Why– Let’s take a real look at our local & global community, and ask ourselves how we got here?!  Our present human behaviors are leading to environmental degradation, rapid depletion of natural resources, alarming loss of plant & animal biodiversity, failing economic systems and political instability.  Our collective actions have resulted in unsustainable population growth, sky-rocketing consumption rates, unrealistic energy demands and dependency on fossil fuels.

Local Earth inspires us to come together as community; and work together to address both the local & global challenges we are facing as a society.  With creativity, cooperation & collaboration we can create innovative and viable solutions.  *Added Bonus – It is more fun & feels good to work together as a community!  We can not do this alone.*

What – Local Earth is a social movement led by activated local citizens to create communities with a healthy balance of self-reliance and interdependence.  The platform is providing people in every neighborhood, town and country around the world the ability to work together towards a common vision; a healthy, happy and environmentally sustainable planet.

How The Community Resilience Program is designed to inspire, educate, empower and activate local citizens.  The Local Earth Handbook is a step-by-step guide to sustainable transition in existing communities; and forward-thinking solutions for future community development.

Who –  Local Action Groups are formed by inspired members of the collective who have a strong desire to create positive change in a specific area.  This provides people in any community with simple and effective ways to get involved with meaningful local projects.  The Handbook empowers anyone-anywhere with the necessary information, guidance and tools to start a Local Action Group in their community.

Where Local Earth is a global movement intended to inspire sustainable local action in communities everywhere! There is currently Local Earth activity in California, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Haiti, Costa Rica & Switzerland.

When  – Our community organizing prototype has been in action in San Diego since 2012 in San Diego, CA.  The Local Earth Festival is intended to kick-off in 2016/17!

Local Earth

Conscious Community Development & Personal Empowerment

Respect for…
  • Self
  • Community
  • Nature

Core Principles

  • Awareness
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Action

Methodologies for Community Support & Development

  • Strengthening existing community: inspiring & supporting communication amongst existing groups & organizations
  • Connecting existing community: inspiring & supporting collaboration amongst existing groups & organizations
  • Observing human behaviours & conditions:  research of patterns and other factors that lead to both positive & negative results within community
  • Activating citizens:  advocacy, awareness, education and empowerment to promote positive action
  • Creating new models for community:  research-based development of systems and solutions for a healthy, happy, and sustainable society

Community Resilience Program

Working together as community to create a healthy, happy & sustainable world.

Community Action Plan – A blueprint for building strength & resilience in local communities with awareness, inspiration, creativity, education, empowerment & ACTION!

  • Monthly Social  – Fun monthly social events that includes inspiring & thought-provoking entertainment. (examples: Food & Film, Lunch & Letters @ the Coop, Transition Tuesdays, etc.)
  • Weekly Gathering – Casual weekly get together to discuss local projects, planning & implementation.
  • Action Groups – Community groups with specific passions, focus and interest.  The groups offer local citizens an opportunity to get involved with meaningful local projects. (ie. food, water, shelter/building, economy, energy, waste management, natural resource management, transportation, politics, wellness/health, re-skilling, community visioning/planning & art)
  • Workshops & Training – Frequent community education (health, resilience & sustainability)
  • Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums – Interactive transformational workshops that inspire participants to play a role in creating a new future.  Includes training local leaders to facilitate future symposiums. (offered frequently- http://www.awakeningthedreamer.org/)
  • Seeds of Transition Study Groups – Weekly study groups to inspire, encourage and connect communities as they self-organize to create initiatives that rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 emissions.  Includes training local citizens to become a leading part of the movement. (http://www.transitionnetwork.org/)

Collaboration Coalition
– Connecting existing communities, groups & organizations to facilitate communication, cooperation, collaboration and exchange.
  • Website, Calendar & Blog (discussion boards, events, informative & interactive)
  • Newsletter (highlighting activities, initiatives and accomplishments)
  • Networking Events (round-table discussions, Green Drinks, etc)

Living Labs
– Research groups focused on human behaviors that are leading to our current challenges.
  • Observation
  • Research (via methodology, indicators, experimentation, etc)
  • Evidence-based solutions

Local Earth Festival
– Annual celebration of community and nature; inspiring citizens of the world to create resilient local communities & healthy lifestyles.  A seven day festival of education and inspiration.
  • Workshops & Training – natural building, permaculture, music, art, health and yoga
  • Collaborative Design, Development & Building – Ecovillages, Community Resource Centers and Green Schools

Conscious Citizen Tools
– Tools & resources that inspire members to be conscious consumers & caring citizens.
  • Local Earth Handbook: Step-by-step guide to starting a Local Earth Community Action Group.
  • Conscious Citizen Kit (minimize consumer waste): Reusable shopping bag, cup/coffee mug, bamboo bowl/cutlery etc.
  • Local Earth Daily Organizer: Simple daily organizer with easy steps of eco-action, inspiration & resources.
  • Children’s Books & Games:  Fun, creative & educational resources to inspire children about eco-consciousness & healthy lifestyles.

Professional Design Services –
Professional architecture, design, city/urban planning & community development services.  Specialized in natural design & ecologic community development.
  • Ecovillage – Design/Build
  • Community Resource Center – Design/Build
  • Green School – Design/Build
  • Private Living Dwellings – Design/Build


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